Thursday, September 10, 2009

I weave
my weird

back and forth
weft and warp

hardened by fear
my own engineer

i discover with horror
i'm stuck in here.


Kay said...

let me out! a hard place to be in that world, great write

Dymphna said...

Thanks, Kay!

TACParent said...

Wowza! I just e-mailed the school about my dd using gimp weaving as a method of calming down. When I read your poem I saw you gimp weaving yourself into a box. Remember, though, you can ask for help in moving some of those "strands" and find your way out. New word for me: "weft," sounds like how Elmer Fudd would say the hand that I am.

Dymphna said...

Oh I know. The box is only temporary. Life is a journey for me. Sometimes I climb back in my box and then get out with the help of my loved ones.

Mary333 said...

"hardened by fear
my own engineer"

I really like that. This is so true of us all. "Weft and warp", reminds me of our fallen nature. The last line made me grin for I can relate!

Dymphna said...

Thanks so much, Mary!

Poems © Gemma W. Wilson