Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Edge of Night

I lie awake
in restless dreams.

I watch the
pairs of people.

Two with red hair and black hats,
walk quickly away.

I wonder
how will they hide themselves
with their flaming hair
peaking rebelliously out of the their charcoal fedoras.

I follow people
through confusing corridors
and notice
they are dressed
from another time
and place.
Refusing to come out
from behind
their inflexible homogeneity,
they will not join *this* group.

I see two brothers, unnaturally attached
in inexplicable ways.
I ask
how is one
born of the other
and never get
an answer.

I watch the pairs
of people.

I watch
from the


Kay said...

wow! confusing, amusing and evoking

Dymphna said...

Well,its confusing because I left the unedited version up!! I'm sure I'll edit it heavily before long!

TACParent said...

I tossed and turned last night too. I thought it was that DECAF coffee from Starbucks, perhaps not DECAF at all. But ... maybe it was just the night for tossing and turning. The Fall Equinox.

Dymphna said...

Oh, maybe it was! I've been hearing a lot about people having difficulty lately.

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