Sunday, January 25, 2009

Walking in the rain
the street light focusing on
the one illuminated section
of the shiny blacktop,
pancake shaped under the conical spotlight,
highlighting the frantic drops
that fall within
its cone-shaped boundary,
I contemplate the few
among the many,
each the same,
yet different,
set apart
merely by an accident
of their birth.


Linda S. Socha said...

This is powerful but initialy seeming to be from a distance with detachment. I as reread it , it does not feel detached. I so appreciate your work

Dymphna (4HisChurch) said...

Thanks, Linda.

TACParent said...

Wow. This one grabs me. I like how it captures that, in fact, "we" are set apart -- simply by where/when/how we show up on the Earth. Beautiful.

Dymphna (4HisChurch) said...


matthew said...

I love the detail and the state of consciousness in this one. Wow. This is fantastic.

Dymphna (4HisChurch) said...

Thanks so much, Matthew.

Poems © Gemma W. Wilson