Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I look inside
and see
the worm of sin
that is eating
my soul.

Oh, Jesus!
Break the bonds
of sin
that have entangled me.

Help me to be
a generous servant
to your people.


Rachi said...

I like this- often I feel like there is an ugly blackness inside of me, it could very well be described as wormlike

Rachi said...

ps. another thing it just reminded me of, just because you referred to it as the "worm of sin":
have you read "The Conquerer Worm" by Edgar Allan Poe?
I really like it :)

Dymphna (4HisChurch) said...

Thanks so much for your comments. No, I haven't read The Conquerer Worm. I'll have to find it now!

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